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Greenpixie's automated platform provides automatically enriched Cost and Usage Report (CUR) data, presented to suit your requirements.

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Greenpixie’s solution for digital emissions


Line-item cloud emissions data

So you can understand where your emissions are coming from, our data differentiates between instance types and services used, in line-by-line granularity. This allows actionable insights regarding carbon and cost reductions.

How to view your data

Your data is presented to suit your requirements

  • Dashboard
  • CUR Enrichment
Greenpixie’s solution for digital emissions


The Greenpixie Dashboard is great for analysing and visualising emissions, with helpful metrics and an intuitive UI.

Granular service analysis is particularly useful for identifying possible areas for carbon reduction.

Greenpixie’s solution for digital emissions

CUR Enrichment

An enriched Cost and Usage Report (CUR) offers huge flexibility to your team, empowering developers to utilise and present the cloud emissions data as they see fit.

With access to emissions data for every single transaction in your CUR, you’re free to utilise this data exactly to your requirements, within your own tools and towards your specific goals.

Leading methodology

Greenpixie’s methodology is what separates our data from the rest.

We calculate emissions data based on usage data (not cloud spend), consider many more variables, and analyse each individual service used, rather than using averages across services.

Greenpixie’s solution for digital emissions
Greenpixie’s solution for digital emissions

Useful granularity

We analyse cloud emissions data in far greater detail than other available solutions.

Greenpixie provides emissions data which differentiates between individual usage line items. Not only does this make the data more accurate - it also allows you to fully understand where your emissions are coming from.

Scope 3 inclusive

Unlike other available tools, Greenpixie’s fact-based, defendable methodology considers Scope 3 emissions.

Where a market-based approach to carbon accounting counts cloud emissions from regions with a renewable grid simply as zero, leaving tonnes of Scope 3 emissions unreported; our leading methodology calculates the true numbers.

Greenpixie’s solution for digital emissions


Using Greenpixie cloud emissions data you can

De-risk ESG Reports

Have total confidence in your cloud emissions reporting

Save tonnes of CO₂e

Significantly decrease your emissions through informed reduction plans

Save thousands on your cloud spend

Make financial savings through cutting-edge optimisation steps

Forecast for the future

Model how changes to your cloud will affect your emissions footprint

Comply with regulation

New regulation dictates UK/EU/US businesses must report Scope 3 emissions, including cloud emissions

Become a leader in sustainability

Differentiate your organisation as a frontrunner in the global sustainability movement

Strengthen your offering

Utilise the cutting-edge nature of cloud emissions data to ensure your contract bid stands out

Inspire and retain your staff

Galvanise your team with an aspirational sustainability project

Greenpixie brings visibility to cloud emissions in 15 minutes.

Sumit Madan, Cloud Product Expert
Sumit Madan

Cloud Product Expert

The granular emissions data made available by Greenpixie is ideal for integrating into finops practices.

Aerin Booth, Cloud Sustainability Advocate
Aerin Booth

Cloud Sustainability Advocate

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