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Website Carbon Report

Many organisations don’t know where to begin when it comes to understanding digital carbon. Our 20-page website report is the perfect first step.

Website carbon emissions, demystified

In a Greenpixie digital carbon report, we calculate the carbon emissions of your website and presents this data clearly in a detailed and informative document.

The report provides granular, page-by-page analysis, sensitive to your traffic data, for a full understanding of your website’s emissions.

An introduction to digital carbon

Get to know the effect digital carbon has on our environment

Integration with website analytics

Seamlessly hook in to your website’s analytic software for accurate calculations

Comprehensive analysis

Discover your website’s overall carbon footprint as well as your most pollutive pages

Reduce your digital carbon footprint

Learn about ways we can work together to optimise your website and minimise your emissions

The front page of a Greenpixie Website Carbon Report

Take the first step

Get a full website carbon report

An in-depth analysis of your website’s carbon emissions.


Website carbon calculator

To get a free estimation of any website’s homepage in seconds, use our online website carbon calculator.