Effortless emissions data integration

TGreenpixie’s granular cloud emissions data is easily integrated into native dashboards and is compatible with BI tools due to our Cost and Usage Report enrichment process.

Other BI Tools that integrate with Greenpixie
Greenpixie’s solution for digital emissions


Line-item cloud emissions data

By enriching the millions of lines of data within a Cost and Usage Report (CUR), our emissions data differentiates between instance types and services used, in line-by-line granularity. This allows accurate reporting, as well as actionable insights regarding carbon and cost reductions. Another advantage of this process is that the data we provide easily integrates into any existing workflows which are already using CURs, such as FinOps dashboards.

Sustainability is a priority for 90% of IT decision makers

  • Your usage reports, enriched with emissions metrics

Our process simply adds extra columns, containing emissions data, to your CUR files

AWS CUR and Azure Usage exports, which have been enriched with emissions data columns for every row, are hugely flexible when it comes to integration.

With this granularity, the possibilities to present and analyse the data are almost endless. Your team is free to utilise the emissions data exactly to your requirements and towards your specific goals.

Greenpixie’s solution for digital emissions

Data exactly as you need it

Presented how you want it

Direct integration

Greenpixie’s data offers the advantage of direct integration with your existing dashboards or FinOps tools. This avoids the need for an additional dashboard, simplifying your workflow with seamless integration, instantly enriching your current systems with essential sustainability data.

For those already using a cloud portal or dashboard, direct integration means having all your critical data in one place, making it easier to drive your sustainability goals and make informed, impactful decisions for your business.

Other BI Tools that integrate with Greenpixie

BI Tools

An enriched CUR offers huge flexibility to your team, empowering developers to create a carbon-aware culture across your business by presenting the data to suit specific KPIs, from executive to management level.

With Greenpixie, you gain the ability to make informed decisions based on clear, concise, and comprehensive data, directly within your preferred BI platform. Greenpixie’s robust data seamlessly integrates into a variety of BI tools, including Tableau, Quicksight, and Power BI. This integration offers you the flexibility to create customisable dashboards, allowing you to visualize and interpret the data in a way that aligns with your business needs.

Further services

Whether its to optimize your cloud costs through FinOps, migration services for seamless transition to the cloud, or digital transformation strategies to reimagine your business in the cloud era, Greenpixie and our partners are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that cater to your specific IT needs.

Greenpixie maintain strategic partnerships with a network of experienced professionals in the cloud sector, helping us to deliver a hollistic cloud service, with sustainability at its core.

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