Reducing the world's
digital carbon footprint

Like magic.

Digital operations are responsible for a huge amount of CO₂ emissions

People are waking up to the environmental impact of digital, which now matches that of the entire aviation industry.

It’s time we did too.

Greenpixie researches and develops practical solutions for measuring digital carbon emissions.

To accurately report your business’ carbon emissions, it is vital to measure digital carbon and to analyse the areas of your business which produce it.

We provide the cutting edge technologies and techniques to do just that.

How's that for magic?

Talk to us about measuring and reducing your
digital carbon output now.

In the 27 years that we have been dealing with hundreds of cutting-edge environment companies around the world, Greenpixie are the first one to raise awareness and solve this problem. We will encourage all of our contacts to take similar action.

Roger Wolens

Founder of The Green Apple Awards

Let’s talk about digital carbon

Our team are ready to talk to you about your organisation’s digital carbon footprint - and how we can work together to measure and reduce it. Whether you need information, reporting or help reducing CO₂ emissions at source, let’s start a conversation now.