Report, reduce and control your cloud emissions

Equipped with Greenpixie’s cloud emissions data, companies can take control of their carbon footprint, enabling cost savings and emissions reduction.

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Greenpixie’s automated platform for digital emission

Greenpixie makes it easy

Take ownership of your cloud emissions

Cloud emissions data is an essential part of modern sustainability efforts.

Understanding cloud emissions is both a barrier to sustainability goals (such as Net Zero and ESG compliance), as well as a lever towards carbon reduction targets.

On average, a business wastes between
30-40% of their cloud resources


Using our data, have absolute confidence in your measurement and reporting


Develop a plan to reduce both cloud emissions and costs up to 40%


Monitoring and forecasting allows informed decisions around cloud sustainability


Complete, accurate & defendable emissions data

Automatically enriched Cost and Usage Report (CUR) data, presented to suit your requirements.

Greenpixie’s automated platform for digital emissions


Using Greenpixie cloud emissions data you can

De-risk ESG Reports

Have total confidence in your cloud emissions reporting

Save tonnes of CO₂e

Significantly decrease your emissions through informed reduction plans

Save thousands on your cloud spend

Make financial savings through cutting-edge optimisation steps

Forecast for the future

Model how changes to your cloud will affect your emissions footprint

Comply with regulation

New regulation dictates UK/EU/US businesses must report Scope 3 emissions, including cloud emissions

Become a leader in sustainability

Differentiate your organisation as a frontrunner in the global sustainability movement

Strengthen your offering

Utilise the cutting-edge nature of cloud emissions data to ensure your contract bid stands out

Inspire and retain your staff

Galvanise your team with an aspirational sustainability project


Differentiate your business by embracing
the cutting edge of sustainability

Greenpixie’s service helps give you the visibility you need to act on your cloud emissions.

Mark Butcher, Cloud Sustainability Expert
Mark Butcher

Director, Posetiv Cloud

Cloud emissions are a crucial part of any ESG strategy.

Dan Yates, CEO of Greener
Dan Yates

Co-Founder & CEO, Greener

Companies are now waking up to digital carbon and are looking for solutions.

Viola Jardon, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
Viola Jardon

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Leaders in cloud sustainability

Last year, Greenpixie brought cloud emissions to COP27 for the first time

When they were asked to speak at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Greenpixie CEO, John Ridd, and Head of Innovation, Rory Brown, became the first people to address the environmental impact of cloud computing on a global stage.

Greenpixie’s solution for digital emissions

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