Sustainability for the digital world

Millions of businesses need to understand their digital emissions – Greenpixie is providing the tools to demystify the environmental impact of cloud computing.

Greenpixie’s solution for digital emissions, Cloud NetZero


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A first of its kind platform for measuring and understanding your cloud emissions, presented within an easy-to-use online dashboard.

Integrated with all cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, Cloud NetZero provides detailed analysis of your cloud computing, which can be exported in a variety of useful configurations.


Instantly transforms usage into emissions data using our carbon algorithms


Aggregates data from all of your cloud providers into one comprehensive account


A clean, easy-to-use software, with a simple and efficient onboarding process


Easily export into a variety of ESG-compatible formats

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With a groundbreaking mission like ours, we require a trailblazing team of freethinkers, innovators and technical minds, dedicated to solutions.

Greenpixie’s solution for digital emissions, Cloud NetZero

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Estimate any website's carbon in seconds

Discover the website emissions of any URL in seconds using our online calculator - a perfect introduction to digital carbon.

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Reveal your emissions with Cloud NetZero

We are accepting a limited number of beta users to start using Cloud NetZero who will have exclusive discounts and priority access to new features.