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The hidden reality of digital carbon emissions is making true NetZero impossible for companies. But our products are helping to reveal it.

Greenpixie's workspace at The Fisheries
Greenpixie's workspace at The Fisheries
Greenpixie's workspace at The Fisheries

Greenpixie magic

Leading the world to digital sustainability

The digitalisation of our world has been a beautiful revolution to watch and be part of - but it has not been without its cost. The tech industry is not exempt from the environmental clean-up job we all face if we are to achieve a NetZero future.

Greenpixie is facing this challenge head-on, researching and developing cutting-edge algorithms for digital carbon measurement, raising awareness, and building innovative tools.

Using our products, organisations that have previously struggled to recognise their digital carbon contribution can now measure and understand the impact of their digital activity.


Our team

Greenpixie’s CEO, John Ridd
John Ridd

Co-Founder & CEO

Greenpixie’s CTO, William Tinney
William Tinney

Co-Founder & CTO

Greenpixie’s Head of Communications, Polly Lorelli
Polly Lorelli

Head of Communications

Greenpixie’s Head of Operations, James Hall
James Hall

Head of Operations

Greenpixie’s Head of Sustainability, Rory Brown
Rory Brown

Head of Sustainability

Greenpixie’s Head of Engineering, Chris Ingram
Chris Ingram

Head of Engineering

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