Greenpixie magic

Our team harnesses creativity, technical expertise, and environmental vision, to help build a sustainable future for our planet.

Our people

Leading the world to cloud sustainability

The cloud computing revolution has not been without cost. Mass adoption has brought agile innovation and growth to companies at an unprecedented rate - but many are unaware of the colossal emissions produced as a result.

Greenpixie’s founders have set out on a journey to attack the enormous waste within cloud computing, both environmental and financial. John and Will believe in the power of software to combat the climate crisis, particularly when it comes to digital emitters, like the cloud.

With $127bn wasted in idle cloud spend last year, our solutions are built to save organisations money as well as reduce their cloud emissions, all without loss to output.

Greenpixie magic is about people with passion and sustainability which makes sense.

The team

Our magic makers

Greenpixie’s CEO, John Ridd
John Ridd

Co-Founder & CEO

Greenpixie’s CTO, William Tinney
William Tinney

Co-Founder & CTO

Greenpixie’s Head of Communications, Polly Lorelli
Polly Lorelli

Head of Communications

Greenpixie’s Head of Operations, James Hall
James Hall

Head of Operations

Greenpixie’s Head of Sustainability, Rory Brown
Rory Brown

Head of Sustainability

Greenpixie’s Head of Engineering, Chris Ingram
Chris Ingram

Head of Engineering