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What is GreenOps?


GreenOps means maximising the value of your cloud provisions for sustainability as well as typical considerations like performance, security, and cost.

An image showing a green building representing GreenOps

A GreenOps mindset considers sustainability metrics such as energy, carbon and water, 
when making cloud purchasing decisions.

The optimization and cloud waste reduction philosophy of GreenOps is highly aligned with FinOps.

Over time, a sophisticated GreenOps team looks for opportunities to build and reorganise their cloud infrastructure for sustainability. 

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How to Implement GreenOps

With over 30% of cloud use estimated to be wasted, the urgency for GreenOps is greater than ever. Here’s how you can get started with GreenOps within your organisation. 

Step One

Laying Foundations: Find the right data

Whether you are implementing GreenOps within your own enterprise cloud team or looking to improve your FinOps offering to clients, the first step is to secure a solid foundation of actionable emissions data. 

A checklist showing the important & required components of GreenOps data

Looking to measure your own cloud emissions? 

Step Two

Looking Back: Analyse the impact of your FinOps

If you’ve been practicing FinOps, high quality emissions data can quantify the environmental wins you've already achieved.

GPX Data allows Greenpixie’s customers to measure their historic usage data and develop an understanding of how past actions have shaped their carbon footprint in the cloud. 

A diagram showing the crossover between finops and greenops value

Looking for combined FinOps and GreenOps services?

Step Three

Looking Ahead: Plan your GreenOps journey

After an initial assessment of your historic cloud emissions (and the sustainability impact of your FinOps) your team is ready to follow the inform, optimize and operate of GreenOps.

  This approach will be familiar to FinOps teams and its principles apply to a successful GreenOps journey.

A diagram showing the greenops cycle: inform, optimise, operate

Ready to get started with GreenOps?

GreenOps 12-month Roadmap

As with FinOps, GreenOps can take time to integrate into an organisation’s culture and way of thinking, but this shouldn’t discourage leadership from taking the first step.

Below is a four-step overview of how businesses can implement GreenOps successfully. 

A diagram showing the 12-month greenops roadmap from Greenpixie

Ready to begin your journey? 

GreenOps inspires a cultural change across your organisation, which engages your engineers and operations teams by showing them the potential carbon savings that their efforts can make. 

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