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GPX Data

GPX Data is Greenpixie’s secure and resilient cloud emissions measurement platform.

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As the authority on cloud emissions data, Greenpixie is trusted to power GreenOps services for businesses around the world. We work both directly with enterprises and as partners with MSPs. 

ISO14064 | Sustainable IT standards | GHG Protocol

GPX Data automatically measures your cloud estate’s emissions by enriching cloud usage reports with emissions metrics, line by line. This delivers emissions data with unparalleled granularity, making it highly malleable for any GreenOps outcome you have. 

Data you can trust

ISO-14064 | Sustainable IT Standards | GHG Protocol

GPX Data applies the highly trusted Greenpixie measurement methodology to customers’ cloud
usage reports.

Methodology at-a-glance:

Measuring your cloud emissions using GPX Data provides a full emissions profile of every cloud service used. All calculations are based on cloud usage, not spend.

A diagram showing the Greenpixie cloud emissions methodology

“I've worked with a lot of GreenOps data sources, and the Greenpixie methodology stands head and shoulders above other approaches with 
its exceptional transparency and profound understanding of the complex realm of cloud carbon emissions reporting.”

– Mark Butcher, Greenops expert, Posetiv Cloud

GreenOps Outcomes

GPX Data unlocks the key outcome of GreenOps: informed decision-making to maximise cloud investments for sustainability.