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Our partners are leading the way by providing managed services with integrated GreenOps capabilities.

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GreenOps offers a wealth of business value. With 12,000+ practitioners offering a largely similar product, FinOps tools are turning to sustainability to stand out. Meanwhile, 84% of Requests for Proposals now have sustainability built in as a mandatory partner requirement, putting pressure on MSPs to offer a sustainability strategy as part of their services.

“Greenpixie has been instrumental in my FinOps journey, seamlessly integrating FinOps with cloud sustainability. Their expertise in cloud emissions data 
is unparalleled, making them rockstars in this space. Greenpixie truly sets the standard as thought leaders 
in GreenOps.”

– Jason Kelly

"Greenpixie's product delivers accurate data on carbon emissions that motivates cloud teams to design energy-and cost- efficient cloud solutions.”

— Mike bradbury, head ninja, finops ninja

How can GreenOps help you?

Instantly separate yourself from 99% 
of the managed service market-place.

How to commercialise GreenOps

Example one: Include Sustainability in your Cloud Assessments

Double the value of existing assessments by adding sustainability insights alongside cost, without doubling 
the work.

An illustration showing the use case for GreenOps of including Sustainability in your Cloud Assessments

Example two: Highlight Emissions Reduction

Double the value of remediations you already highlight with your FinOps tooling, with sticky emissions data clients can’t get elsewhere.

An illustration showing the use case for GreenOps of highlighting Emissions Reduction

Example three: Forecast Cloud Migration Emissions

Help your customers build a business case for cloud migration by forecasting the sustainability impact of their new estate across different regions, architectures & providers.

An illustration showing a GreenOps use case of Forecasting Cloud Migration Emissions

Ready to start offering GreenOps? 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Greenpixie on a proof of concept that empowers us to drive climate change initiatives internally. This partnership allows us to innovate swiftly and effectively”

— Tamás Gémesi, Head of Finops at Natwest
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