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Revealing and reducing cloud emissions, like magic. The first software that can reduce tonnes of CO2e while saving your company money.

Greenpixie’s solution for digital emissions, Cloud NetZero

Cloud NetZero

Cloud emissions data, on-demand.

Through direct integration with cloud usage data, Cloud NetZero calculates and presents emissions data in clear detail, much more accurately than estimations based on cloud spend.

Cloud NetZero then provides actionable steps to reduce your GHG emissions and make a huge saving on cloud spend, with no loss in output.

Simple and secure setup

Integration with major cloud providers is quick, easy and secure

Intuitive emissions data

Accurate, consistent data available on-demand from any period

Live dashboard

All your emissions metrics presented on a detailed and easy-to-use dashboard

Bespoke reduction plan

A bespoke plan, including cutting-edge optimisation techniques, to reduce emissions at source

Cloud NetZero

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